• Signature 2+1 Luxury Trailer

    The Signature 2+1 luxury trailer is another of our luxury models.

    It can cater for up to 200 people per day, and is split Ladies/Gents. It has 2 WCs and 2 vanity units on the Ladies side, and 1 WC, 1 vanity unit, and 2 urinal positions on the Gents side.

There are speakers in either side of the trailer which are connected to a centrally located CD player for the provision of music if required.

A single phase 16 amp/3.5 kVa electricity connection, water supply, and firm, level ground are all that is required on site.

LIZ HAYNES – Haymarket Exhibitions

"Thank you Andyloos for being part of making our event this year a success! Over 26,000 people attended over the two day period, the most visitors we have ever had. Your onsite team played a large part in bringing the event together where we hugely appreciate all your efforts."

LIZ HAYNES – Haymarket Exhibitions
  • Signature 2+1 Luxury Trailer features:

    • Centrally located CD player with speakers
    • Re-circulation or mains operation
    • Simple yet stylish white and chrome fixtures & fittings
    • Warm water
    • Caters for up to 200 people per day

  • Signature 2+1 Luxury Trailer specification:

    Trailer with access steps and hand rail

    Cabin Length: 4.0m Width: 2.3m Height: 3.2m
    A Frame 1.2m
    Power required: 16 amp/3.5kVa
    Weight: 2300kg
    Water/Waste: Self-contained
    Optional mains water and drainage connection
    Capacity: Up to 200 people per day
    Position: Firm level ground with good access

  • Click here to download a printable PDF copy of the AndyLoos Brochure


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