• Signature 1+1 Luxury Trailer

    Ideal for the smaller function

    This trailer is ideal for the smaller function where the daily attendance is up to approximately 100 people. The unit has a 1+1 layout which means that there is 1 WC and vanity unit on the Ladies side, and the same on the Gents side. However, as there are no urinal positions in this trailer, it has the added flexibility of being unisex.

As this trailer is one of our smallest luxury models, it has the advantage of being moved easily into smaller areas when your site space is at a premium.

There are speakers in either side of the trailer connected to a centrally located CD player for the provision of music if required.

A single phase 16 amp/3.5 kVa electricity connection and a cold water supply is all that is required on site, as well as firm, level ground.


NEIL HOWELLS – University of Wolverhampton

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks to Andyloos Signature for the extraordinary service that I received. We were facing an emergency situation where Andyloos Signature promptly responded with a premium quality trailer unit which was delivered and fully installed, all within 3 hours!"

NEIL HOWELLS – University of Wolverhampton
  • Signature 1+1 Luxury Trailer features:

    • Simple yet stylish white and chrome fixtures & fittings
    • Centrally located CD player with speakers
    • Warm water
    • Re-circulation or mains operation
    • Caters for up to 100 per day

  • Signature 1+1 Luxury Trailer specification:

    Trailer with access steps and hand rail

    Cabin Length: 3.1m Width: 2.1m Height: 3.2m
    A Frame 1.3m
    Power required: 16 amp/3.5kVa
    Weight: 2300kg
    Water/Waste: Self-contained
    Optional mains water and drainage connection
    Capacity: Up to 100 people per day
    Position: Firm level ground with good access

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