• Signature Shower Trailer

    A delightful showering experience!

    Available in either two or four bay configurations, these units offer a truly luxurious mobile shower experience. We designed the cubicles specially with pre-moulded fibreglass, so there are no seams which means they are easy to keep clean. The non-slip shower mat in each cubicle can be removed and cleaned if required.

The cubicle itself forms 2 areas: the showering area and the changing area. A small seat is built into the side of each cubicle, providing more convenience to the user. There is also a small mirror on the wall. All in all a delightful showering experience!

The up-to-date technology in these showers allows the units to be situated wherever you need them.

A single phase electrical connection, fresh water supply, & grey water drainage are all that is required on the site. LPG propane gas is required to heat the water.

Other Shower Units Available

We also supply 4 bay non-wheeled shower units. For a quote/more information about these, please contact us on 01299 254420.


"The provision of clean and functioning toilets is an absolutely vital part of the smooth running of our events and we continue to place complete trust in Andyloos."

  • Signature Shower Trailer features:

    • Shower trailers have four or two separate, private cubicles which are individually insulated for warmth
    • Each cubicle has a separate drying/changing area
    • Constant warm water, thermostatically set to the ideal temperature
    • All fittings and safety features moulded in for ease of cleaning
    • Caters for up to 400 people per day

  • Signature Shower Trailer specification:

    Trailer with access steps and hand rail

    Cabin Length: 5.0m Width: 2.3m Height: 3.2m
    A Frame 1.2m
    Power required: 16 amp/3.5kVa electricity and LPG propane gas supply
    Weight: 2000kg
    Waste / Water: Mains water pressure and drainage connection required.
    Optional reservoir & pump available for fresh water (when water pressure on site is low)
    Capacity: Up to 400 people per day
    Position: Needs firm and level ground with good access

  • Click here to download a printable PDF copy of the AndyLoos Brochure


If you are interested in this range, please call us on +44 (0)1299 254420